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Alumni News from Loyola High School of Los Angeles

Alumni News

Dr. César Morales ’93 Becomes Ventura County’s First Latino Superintendent

It was a groundbreaking moment in Ventura County last month when Dr. César Morales ’93 became its first-ever Latino Superintendent of Schools. Morales is the first person of color in the role since the office was created in 1873.

He will now lead the Ventura County Office of Education, an agency that employs nearly 1,000 people and provides teacher training and administrative support services to all of Ventura County’s 20 school districts. The VCOE also operates schools for students with special needs and at-risk students as well as provides career education for students countywide. 

“My upbringing centered around a commitment to service and the community,” said Dr. Morales in an interview with ABC 7. “I embrace my opportunity to be a Latino role model and understand the significance of this time and transition.” He is optimistic that, as health conditions improve and students return to the classroom, schools will be able to return to normal operations in the fall. He has also committed to addressing issues of diversity, equity and inclusion in local schools.

Dr. Morales earned his B.A. and M.A. from Loyola Marymount University and his Ed.D from UCLA. He is also the uncle to Max Neblina ’16, current senior Nico Morales ’21 and current freshman Benjamin Morales ’24.

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